Assemble your cleaning business portfolio


    If you are already trying to build your cleaning business portfolio, it already means that you are about to start operating your house cleaning business.

    What you put in your portfolio will be how your client will rate your skills and expertise as a cleaner. You will therefore include photographs, brochures, flyers, leaflets, letters of recommendation and testimonials from your past clients, and where appropriate, newspaper clippings that feature you as a housekeeper or your newly established business . But then, the next question is, if you’re a new cleaner and your cleaning business startup isn’t even done yet, how do you get some?

    Gathering material for your portfolio can be a dilemma if you don’t know what to do. Here are some tips on how to get these products, even if you’re new to cleaning.


    What you need are photographs of your work. So that doesn’t mean it has to be a client’s house. What is important is that it is proof of your work. So you can clean your own house and take some shots of it. You can also ask your close friends and family members if you can clean their house, in exchange for permission to take photos of the areas or rooms you have serviced, and include them in your portfolio. The good news about this strategy is that friends and family members are people who are more than willing to help you when you start your new business. If there’s anything they can do for your cleaning business, start-up business and all, they’ll definitely be happy to do it.

    In fact, you can even point out to your clients viewing your portfolio that a particular photograph is of your own home, where you think certain products are best for cleaning certain things. It’s actually cleaning business marketing too. If you believe in your own products and services, if they are good enough for your own home, people will also trust your services more.


    Another marketing strategy for cleaning companies is to get testimonials or letters of recommendation from customers or people you have performed cleaning services for. Just like the photos, you can clean up the homes of your friends and family in exchange for an honest testimonial. These are customer reviews – on paper. Later, you can add new ones from paying customers.

    Well, house cleaning business is also a business with growing trends. So keep your portfolio up to date with certificates from workshops and seminars on this as well.

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