Assembly Election 2022 Analysis Live: News24-Today’s Chanakya predicts BJP’s second term in Uttar Pradesh


Assembly Election 2022 Analysis: With the end of the seventh and final phase of polling Uttar Pradesh Polling for the assembly elections in all 403 seats of the state was completed peacefully. The first phase of polling in the state was held on 10 February, second phase on 14 February, third phase on 20 February, fourth phase on 23 February, fifth phase on 27 February, sixth phase on 3 March. Last leg on 7th March. Voting ended on March 7 at 6 pm, after which, news 24 And Today’s Chanakya Most accurate analysis released.

According to the results of the poll analysis conducted by News24 and Today’s Chanakya, 43 per cent of the state’s voters are expected to instill confidence in the BJP. The Samajwadi Party (SP) is expected to finish second with 35 per cent, while the BSP may get 13 per cent. Meanwhile, Congress is expected to get only 4 per cent votes while other parties may get maximum 5 per cent votes.

According to Chanakya of News24-Today, party and candidate, development, corruption, local issues and other factors influenced the voter’s decision. Around 35 per cent of voters considered the party and candidate while casting their vote, 18 per cent cited development as their main concern, 14 per cent corruption and 19 per cent local issues. Only 3 per cent voters said that their concern was something other than the above three issues.

News24- Today’s Chanakya had another question from the voters that do you want to change the government in the state? To which 40 percent answered yes and 47 percent answered no.

Even though people consider issues like development, unemployment and corruption as the most important issues while voting, it is also true that the voting preferences and numbers of voters of different castes in a particular assembly seat are also well known before giving tickets to political parties. it happens. a candidate.

That is why Chanakya of News24-Today went to the Brahmin community to find out which party he voted the most this time. It was revealed that 65 per cent Brahmins voted for BJP, 16 per cent for Samajwadi Party (SP) and 9 per cent for BSP.

Among the Scheduled Castes, BJP got 45 percent, SP got 21 percent and BSP got 28 percent votes. About 8 percent Muslim voters chose BJP, 76 percent SP and 7 percent BSP.

Among Rajputs in the state, BJP got 71 percent, SP got 11 percent and BSP got 9 percent votes.

Despite Mayawati’s weak campaign in the Jatav community, considered BSP’s most organized vote bank in UP, BSP is still the first choice with 47 per cent voting, while 34 per cent chose BJP and went with 10 per cent. SP.

On the other hand, the Yadav Samaj, which is considered the most trusted vote bank of the Samajwadi Party (SP), voted in large numbers for their traditional favourite, this time too. 73 percent of Yadav’s people voted for the SP. BJP is expected to get 19 per cent of Yadav votes while BSP is expected to get only 4 per cent votes.

Meanwhile, BJP got 64 per cent OBC votes, SP 23 per cent and BSP 6 per cent votes.

News24- Today’s Chanakya went to every section of the society and in the end it became clear which party people have chosen in the state. BJP is expected to get 294 seats (±19), SP 105 (±19), BSP 2 (±2) and Congress 1 (±1) in the assembly elections to be held this year in UP. Other parties are also expected to get 1 seat (±1).

pay attention: Election analyzes are based on voter responses right after they leave the polling station and can often be misleading. The counting of votes will take place on March 10 and the results of the elections will be declared on the same day.

First published:March 7, 2022, 9:15 pm

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