AYUSH Ministry Covid Guide: Ministry of AYUSH suggests measures to defend against Corona

AYUSH Ministry Covid Guide If you want to fight this virus, then you have to make your immunity strong. The Ministry of AYUSH has shared some measures to prevent corona which may help in increasing immunity.


The emphasis is on increasing immunity to protect against Corona virus. Experts are advising people to use effective Ayurvedic, homeopathic and Grecian (YUNANI) medicines to increase immunity. Seeing the rising numbers of Corona virus cases, the Ministry of AYUSH has shared some measures to prevent coronas, which may help to increase immunity. Doctors of AYUSH department are making people aware of the usefulness of postures and yoga as well as the beneficial benefits of medicines grown in the garden of the home.

Presently, millions of people are getting infected with coronavirus and thousands of people are dying, given that the only way to avoid infection seems to be. If you want to fight this virus, then you have to make your immunity strong. Let us know what are the suggestions given by the Ministry of AYUSH to increase immunity.

Ministry of AYUSH to increase immunity

-To strengthen immunity, you should eat Chyawanprash daily.

-Turmeric rich in medicinal properties will strengthen your immunity. You should drink turmeric milk 1 or 2 times a day so that your immunity remains strong.

-Drink herbal tea or decoction made of basil, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger and dry grapes 1-2 times a day. These Ayurvedic methods will help strengthen immunity.

-Drink warm water daily even in summer to keep the throat fit. Add a pinch of salt and turmeric to the hot water and also gargle.

-Avoid eating outside food and eat fresh homemade food. Spices like turmeric, cumin, garlic, ginger and coriander must be used in home cooking. These things naturally strengthen the immunity of the body.

-Do yoga

-At this time when you are locked in your homes, no activity is happening, in such a time, you can strengthen your immunity by doing yoga at home. Yoga, Pranayama, Anulom-Antonym, Deep breathing exercises – all these yoga will keep your body system in order and will also strengthen immunity.

-If dry cough or sore throat also adopt these remedies.

-Try steaming with fresh mint leaves or celery once a day.

-If cough and throat worsen, mix clove powder with jaggery or honey 2-3 times and consume it.

-Oil pulling technique is also beneficial. Take 1 teaspoon of sesame or coconut oil in the mouth.

-Spin this oil all over the mouth for 2-3 minutes and then spit it out. Do not swallow oil. Then rinse with warm water.

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