Bambiha Gang kills Sandeep of Bishnoi in public


New Delhi: A bloody game takes place between the Bambiha gang and the Bishnoi gang. A fight took place between the gang members. The accident occurred at around 1:00 p.m. in Nagaur district of Rajasthan state.

During the clash, a person was arrested and shot dead in full view. The Defender Bambiha gang has now taken responsibility. They made a post on Facebook that they blamed for the accident.

According to the sources, the Punjab Intelligence Service has started investigating the matter. It is noted that these gangs operate from the outside.

Bambiha group launched another blog post and said “Sandeep’s work done, this work was done by Cher brothers, now this will also happen next time for Lawrence, Jaju and Goldie, go watch and wait, these three Punjabi singers Moss Wala accused of murder”.

CCTV footage of the kill was uploaded by a user kaushal_chaudhary_official on instagram.

This post from the Bambiha gang alerted the police even more. They are now conducting a further investigation into the matter.

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