Banks will be closed these days in September


New Delhi: The month of September has started and holidays are going on in banks this month. Between the start of the festive season, there are a total of 13 bank holidays in September, of which eight have been completed in just the first 12 days. There are five bank holidays left in September, including weekend holidays. If you are planning to visit the bank for any financial work, then you must check the list of bank holidays provided by Reserve Bank of India.

Of the 13 bank holidays in September, six are weekend holidays. There are eight regional holidays in which lenders in some regions close due to opportunities in that particular region. Combining the two we will see that there are 14 bank holidays, it should be noted that one of them was on September 10th (second Saturday of the month). In such a situation, now there are 13 bank holidays in September. Banks were closed in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram on September 10 on the occasion of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanti.

Check out the list of bank holidays in September here

September 1 (Thursday): Ganesh Chaturthi (2nd day) – Panaji

September 6 (Tuesday): Karma Puja – Ranchi

September 7 (Wednesday): 1st Onam – Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram

8 September (Thursday): Thiruvonam – Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram

9 September (Friday): Indrajatra – Gangtok

10 September (Saturday): Sree Narayana Guru Jayanti – Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram

September 21 (Wednesday): Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi Day – Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram

September 6 (Monday): Navratri installation of Lanningthou Sanmahi / Mera Chauren Hauba – Imphal, Jaipur

weekly off

4 September: Weekly Holiday (Sunday)

September 10: Second Saturday

11 September: Weekly Holiday (Sunday)

18 September: Weekly Holiday (Sunday)

September 24: Fourth Saturday

25 September: Weekly Holiday (Sunday)

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