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New Delhi: Being culturally diverse and distinct, India has been the land of art. Over the millennia, Indian art has progressed in every way as it still exists tangible forms. Art is an expression of feelings in relation to the current scenario. A display of imagination and ideas. It is limitless, wonderful and priceless. Considering that art has the ability to contain memories and feelings. It serves as a tool for understanding when and where it was created.

Many artists have expressed their views on the national interest through their art. One such artist is Varun Grover.

Who is Varon Grover?

Varun Grover, writer, comedian and poet, is one of the names that resonates with every Indian. If Masaan and the Gangs of Wasseypur change your view of Indian cinema, you should give your fair share of credit to Grover. Udta Punjab, Newton, Raman Raghav 2.0 and many more on the list are credited with bringing a new batch of films to India.

Coming from a Punjabi family, Varun Grover spent his early years in Uttarakhand. He studied Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, graduating in 2003. After working with a software company in Pune for some time, Varun Grover quit his job to pursue his passion – movies, or more accurately, writing Hindi movie scripts and lyrics.

Varon Grover Work

Varun Grover won Best Lyricist at the 63rd National Film Award for Moh Moh Ke Dhaage. He began his career as a dialogue writer with Accident on Hill Road (2009), after which he wrote the lyrics for Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) and its sequel Gangs of Wasseypur 2. Grover attracted public attention after Masaan’s release. Masaan, set in Varanasi, depicts the class and gender inequality of a city struggling to come to terms with the prospects of the future.

Varun Grover left his solid career in the company to make a name in Bollywood. Talking about being an outsider in Bollywood, he once said, ‚ÄúThere are three things you need to survive in Mumbai: talent, patience and luck. The first two are in your hands. You have to work at it. You have to hone your talent to a point where you can trust. I went to Mumbai in 2000. And I wrote Masan in 2011, so it took me a while.”

TS Democrat

Varon Grover has his fingers in many pies. A former IIT engineer, apart from being a stand-up comedian, he has founded a prolific political satire group called Aisi Taisi Democracy. Part stand-up comedy, part musical, and part diatribes on social and political issues, Aisi Taisi Democracy offers refreshing satire on issues of national interest.

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