BGMI completes a year in India, big update coming soon: check details


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) successfully completed a year after its launch on July 2 and crossed over 100 million registered users within a year. It is one of the most played mobile games in India despite the presence of many competitors. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India Surpasses 100 Million Registered Users on Android, iOS

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), is the Indian version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile). It was released on July 2, 2021 for Android and August 18, 2021 for iOS devices. BGMI is a player versus player shooter, in which 100 players compete against each other, and the last individual or team still alive wins. Players can play the match individually or as a team (maximum 4 players). Read also – Subway Surfers at Apex Legends Mobile: Top 5 most downloaded mobile games in the world

Why did BGMI replace PUBG Mobile?

BGMI was launched in India because PUBG Mobile was one of the Chinese apps banned by India in June 2020. Krafton, creator of PUBG Mobile, had major ties to Tencent, a Chinese technology company. The Chinese brand was responsible for distributing PUBG Mobile across the world. But after the ban, Krafton ended its ties with Chinese franchise Tencent Games for India and launched BGMI in India. Also Read – PUBG Mobile Ban Concerns: IOA Responds to NCPCR Allegation of Identifying PUBG Mobile as Esports

How is BGMI different from PUBG Mobile?

In essence, BGMI is very similar to PUBG Mobile but it has some gameplay changes to make it less violent. In the game, the red color was replaced with green and yellow when firing. Another difference is that before the match starts in BGMI, you will receive a warning message reminding you that you have entered a virtual world and it is not real.

In order to address some concerns about gambling addiction, BGMI has introduced timers that timely remind you to take a break. Additionally, to reduce the element of violence, the word “kill” was replaced with the word “finish” in BGMI to maintain the language.

In terms of features, over the past year the game has introduced new vehicles such as the McLaren, UTV, and Lamborghini. You can also see new guns in BGMI like M3E1-A, asm abakan, RPG and M1014.

BGMI 2.1 Update

BGMI 2.1 is the fourth major update of the year for the game, which could be released on July 15. This update will include the first anniversary event, Ancient Temple 2.0 mode, new guns, minimap changes, a secret cave in Livik, a revamped Cheer Park with a new game center and a new mall, a new shotgun attachment – quick loader, throwable blue zone grenade, tactical backpack, revamped control buttons and UI, new health utilities and a major bug fix. No doubt regular players of the Battle Royale game will be excited about the new update.

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