BLACKPINK Jisoo Appoints Nexon’s Maple Story Ambassador

Los Angeles: Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 10th that it has hired Jisoo of BLACKPINK as the second ambassador for Nexon’s online game ‘Maple Story’.

Maple Story Ambassador plays a role in introducing Maple Story users working in different fields to spread the good impression of the game. The first Maple Story ambassador was Kim Jae-deok, an Olympic gold medalist in archery. BLACKPINK Jisoo, who has been appointed as the second ambassador, is known to be a big fan of online games. She is also a user who has been playing Maple Story for a long time.

On the 10th, Nexon unveiled Jisoo’s teaser video and interviews showing his logged-on and logged-off life as a Mapler, raising fans’ expectations.

The main video of the interview with Jisoo will be released on March 11. MC Sung Seung-hoon and Ji-soo will appear in the video and talk about various episodes of their Maple Story experiences, including their character’s job.


First published:March 11, 2022, 11:33 am

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