Bring out the shortcomings of the government, says former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the media


New Delhi: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has urged the media to be more vigilant as it is so important for nation building.

“I believe the media has a very important contribution to make in the process of nation-building,” Singh said on the 8th.

“We expect the media to be vigilant, highlight the shortcomings of the government and thereby help improve the efficiency of the administration,” the former prime minister added.

After receiving the Fiscal Heritage Award at the TIOL Awards 2022, Singh delivered the speech via video conferencing. When Singh left office in 2014, he emphasized the need for honesty and dedication, saying his life and time in public office was an open book.

“I owe everything to this country of ours, this great country of ours, where I, an underprivileged child of Partition, had enough power to rise and hold high office. It is both a debt I will never be able to repay and an ornament I will always wear proudly” , Singh said.

“Governments come and governments go. But this great nation of ours is the heir to one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind. Its history is marked by continuity and change and remarkable cultural pluralism,” he said, adding that he believes India will continue to rise, combining tradition with modernity and unity with diversity.

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