BSF forces downed a Pakistani drone in Gandu Kelsha village in Punjab


New Delhi: A Pakistan drone has been shot down in Indian territory by Border Security Forces (BSF). She was entering from Pakistan into Ferozepur district of Punjab when she was shot on Wednesday.

BSF shot down the drone

The force said in a statement that the 136th battalion of the Bahraini security forces deployed on the border heard the sound of a suspicious flying object or a drone entering from Pakistan into Indian territory in the area near the village of Gando Kelsha in Firozpur around 11:25 pm on Tuesday.

“Syrian army forces fired at the drone in an attempt to thwart the incursion,” said Bahraini Security Forces, one of the Central Armed Police Forces tasked with guarding the 3,323-kilometer Indo-Pakistan border.

“While searching after the first light in the concerned area, BSF forces along with Punjab Police found a Hexa-Copter drone or drone that was shot down due to firing by BSF forces.”

The Bahraini security forces also said that the area was cordoned off and the police and related sister agencies were informed. “A comprehensive research in the area is in progress.”

Another drone was shot down in October

Earlier in October, BSF shot down a drone that entered India in the Amritsar sector of Punjab from the Pakistani side on the international border.

The drone (Quad-copter DJI Matrice) was spotted at 8.30pm near Chhana village in Amritsar by BSF forces on a patrol mission. They fired immediately and I fell.

According to BSF officials, two packages of smuggled drugs weighing 2.5 kg were found using the drone.

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