BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung poses shirtless in drool-worthy pic. Seen it yet?


New Delhi: BTS has seven incredibly attractive members who are a feast for the eyes. In fact, they have held the title of Most Handsome Faces in the past and remain among the most popular searches every day. Among them, member V has experienced quite a draw as he pursues his many talents. Her beauty is one of them.

BTS V shirtless photo

The BTS ARMY was thrilled to see this new side of him, quite literally, as Kim Taehyung himself gave fans an exclusive look at his amazing build. BTS member V, who goes by the Instagram handle thv, recently posted some pictures of himself sitting on a bench. Interestingly, her exposed back was the center of attention.

Fans couldn’t get enough of V standing barefoot in the sun. The K-pop star posed while sitting comfortably, holding a coat at the end of his arm. He looked down, his legs covered by baggy jeans. Check out the beautiful image that V shared, as well as the black and white version.

As a never-before-seen glimpse of the attractive man that is V, it shocked fans even more when they saw his shirtless photo trending on several hashtags. They were joined by bandmate J-Hope, who commented on the photo with several fiery emojis and a surprised emoji, which we’re sure all fans can relate to.

Many of her fans assumed it was about a magazine shoot she recently traveled to New York for, while others were hoping to see more behind-the-scenes footage.

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