BTS X Snoop Dogg Collaboration With Benny Blanco Draws Mixed Reactions From ARMYs


Bad decisions: The music video for BTS X Snoop Dogg & Benny Blanco’s song “Bad Decisions” is out now! Also, the Bad Decisions MV is unique from other BTS music videos. For the first time, Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg are working with BTS’s vocal lineup, consisting of Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook, on a pop song. Although the song is quite catchy and fun, it seems that BTS ARMY is not too fond of the MV.

Benny Blanco is shown in the video of the song Bad Decisions as a fan of BTS or BTS ARMY. He is looking forward to seeing the Bangtan Boys perform live. His entire bedroom is filled with BTS memorabilia, including photos, postcards, posters, and more. Benny Blanco can be seen in the video preparing for the event. He wears purple clothes, creates a purple banner to support the team, and bakes a purple cake to take to the game. However, it is stuck with traffic. The cake is knocked over and Benny Blanco is seen running into the stadium. Check out the Bad Decisions MV below:

The song’s lyric video will be available on BTS’s YouTube account tomorrow, August 6, at 9:30 AM IST, following the release of the “Bad Decisions” music video and its availability on streaming services. A “Visualizer” will be available on August 8 via Benny Blanco’s YouTube account, and on August 16 via BTS’ YouTube page, a video titled “BTS Recording Sketch” will be made available.

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