Business Growth Strategies by India’s Premier Business Coach Saurabh Kaushik at World HRD Congress 2022


New Delhi: World HRD Congress & Awards 2022 presented by Refyne India was held at Taj Lands, Mumbai on its 30th Edition bringing together thousands of professionals from 133 countries.


The event was graced by leading C-Suit Executives and visionaries from around the world on a hybrid platform. We got to see some inspiring conversations and award ceremonies celebrating professionals from diverse entrepreneurial spaces. The event witnessed Prof. Indira Parikh (President – Antardisha), Chitresh Sharma (CEO & Co-founder – Refyne), Faridun Dotiwala (Partner – McKinsey & Company, Mumbai), Nina Woodard (President and Chief ‘N’ Sights Officer – Nina E. Woodard and Associates) , Dr. R.L Batra Founder World CSR Day & World Sustainability Congress were some prominent personalities at the event. 

Event focused on various people and product level issues in the organization, execution of building effective culture and systematic operations  to get the peak performance.   

Kaushik shared his expert insights on Growth Strategies for Business Owners and C-Suite Executives. In his strategy, he focused on 3 key and basic elements essential for the growth of any business. 

The most crucial part for any business owner or leader is to have clarity on their vision, mentioned Kaushik. However simple, it is an often-overlooked part of a business that is the root cause for confusion and complexity in business. Entrepreneurs must clearly identify their purpose and where is it they want to go. The identification of a true purpose is extremely important for an entrepreneur in order to grow exponentially. Further he said,  vision and your values create the foundation for your company’s growth. Create a vision and value system that comes from within you. Once you have your vision and values aligned, you’d attract like-minded talents within your company who can bring the company’s vision to life.

Hiring the right talent is yet another important element in business growth. Hire based on the individual’s values, energy, and skills. Make sure that every team member is aligned with the company’s values and purpose, from the doorman to the chairman.

At the end he summit up by saying, Execution is the key for the success of any business. Once your goal is identified and your purpose is defined, it must be backed with strategies and execution. A popular yet simple exercise to get you in the right direction is to use Pareto Principle in every area of your business, be it the customers, product/service, or operations. The key is to remember that less is always more, added Kaushik. Do not get drowned in running the operations of the business. As a leader, your job is to harness great talent, grow your people and leverage their skills to get great work done, he added”.


World HRD Congress focuses on connecting HR professions from across countries, covering various issues related to Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development at a global level. The event this year focused on HR and tech, diversity in the industry and representation of women in HR. 





first published:April 4, 2022, 6:57 p.m.

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