Buy a Daikin 1.5 ton split air conditioner with a 10-year warranty, learn more


New Delhi: The price of Daikin 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner starts to rise rapidly in the summer. This is why we often have to put off our conditioning plan. But today we are going to tell you an easy trick to buy air conditioners. Moreover, if you want to buy a cheap air conditioner, you don’t have to wait for the season. If you buy an air conditioner in this season before summer, you can get a discount of Rs 37,000 on the air conditioner.

The MRP for a Daikin Inverter 1.5t 5 star air conditioner is Rs 67,200. If you want to buy this air conditioner, you don’t have to deal with Amazon or Flipkart. Facebook Market Place is one such platform where you can buy this air conditioner. Several advertisements have been posted here regarding this conditioning. It has been said that you can buy this air conditioner for just Rs 18,000. In fact, all of these stocks were saved.

Usually people want to buy such an air conditioner which also saves a lot of electricity, so this is one such air conditioner. After installing it, you don’t have to worry too much about electricity. Because in this you get an inverter compressor. This is much better in terms of saving electricity. Thanks to the 3D Airflow technology, it also easily cools the entire room. Its best feature is the automatic humidity setting.

It also mentions the possibility of air purification. This is the best air purifier. Its filter is also very easy to clean. If you want to buy this AC too, you have to order it but for that you can go to Facebook Market Place. The warranty for this air conditioner compressor is provided by the company for a period of 10 years.

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