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Gold price update: Today is the holy festival of Dev Deepawal. With this, the marriage season has returned to the country. If you are looking to buy gold and silver jewelry, there is good news for you. Gold is currently trading at Rs 50,522 per 10 grams and silver at Rs 58,755 per gram.

The new course will be published on Monday in two days

In fact, the new work week starts on Monday. Today is the first day of the new work week. Earlier in the last trading week in the precious metal market, the price of silver fell along with gold. In such a situation, all eyes are today on how gold and silver move in the Indian precious metals market on the first day of the new trading week.

The price of gold and silver on Friday

Gold rose by Rs 408 per 10 grams on Friday, the fifth and final trading day of this trading week, to close at Rs 50,522. In contrast, the price of gold fell by Rs. 710 per ten grams on the last day of trading on Thursday, closing at Rs. 50114 per gram.

On Friday, the price of silver rose significantly, as did gold. Silver rose to Rs. 1706 and ended the day at Rs.

14-24 carat gold latest price

In this way, 24 carat gold will be more expensive on Friday by Rs 408 to Rs 50,522, 23 carat gold to Rs 407 to Rs 50,320, 22 carat gold to Rs 374 to Rs 46,278, 18 carat gold to Rs 306 to Rs 319, 2 carat gold. 238 became expensive and closed at Rs 29,555 per 10 grams.

Gold around Rs 5,600 cheaper and silver Rs 21,000 cheaper from all-time high

Gold is selling at Rs 5,678 per 10 grams, lower than its all-time high.

Gold had reached its all-time high in August 2020. At that time, gold had risen to Rs 56,200 per ten gram. Meanwhile, silver fell by around Rs 21,225 per kg to its highest level. Silver’s all-time high is at Rs 79,980 per kg.

Make a missed call to find out the latest gold price

For more information on the retail prices of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewelry, you can leave a missed call to 8955664433. After a while, the prices will be sent to your SMS account. Apart from this you can go to or for more frequently updated information.

Check for gold impurities:

There are countless reasons to buy gold during the festival season. In addition to the traditional spot gold purchase, you get an excellent opportunity to diversify. They say there is no better tool than gold when it comes to asset diversification. . If you haven’t invested in the yellow metal, you’re probably making a mistake. It also makes the bad times easier. So invest in gold without falling into the hands of frauds.

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