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Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, political divisions in the US, and the most significant military conflict in Europe since World War II, the inflation rate has essentially risen to its highest level (8.6%) since 1981.

We can see their effects not only on traditional markets, which are currently entering a bearish phase, but crypto domain, where many people fear that due to the current situation unbridled,

The biggest question remains if unbridled will actually happen on a large scale, will crypto Can coins – if any – survive in this harsh environment? Let’s try to find out.

back to the basics

Before we talk about cryptocurrencies, it would be wise to define unbridled, By its economic definition, hyperinflation refers to a very high monetary inflation rate. Assuming this definition, some analysts claim that what we are currently experiencing is already hyperinflation, noting that in 2020, the inflation rate in the US was only 1.2%. Now it has reached the level of 8.6%. If this conjecture is correct, we are free to speculate about the current state of hyperinflation and what cryptocurrencies are in the world. crypto Through this the market will be saved.

Look for Web 3.0

If you’ve been following crypto even a bit, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Web.3.0, a concept that combines metaverse, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and Play-to-Earn (P2E). ) combines innovative areas such as the gaming model. Combined with integrated in-game NFTs.

web 3.0 Crypto is the next big thing, and there are a handful of projects that one should take a look at. is such a Moses ,XMU), which has all the necessary abilities to become a fundamental player web 3.0 Play.

What makes the MUSHE project unique is that it incorporates all the above features under its own umbrella. This effectively creates its own unique ecosystem driven by the project’s native token ,XMU) General token Now in the market, (XMU) is decentralized, and its role in the development of the project is of paramount importance. In addition to providing liquidity to the exchange of MUSHE, XMU is used as the primary medium of interaction in the upcoming MUSHEVerse.

As part of the development of the project, Mushaverse will also include within itself a play-to-earn (P2E) game, where players will be able to buy, sell and trade unique NFTs – all through the core of the platform. token (XMU).

Currently, XMU Token is powered by Ethereum blockchainBut in the near future, the project intends to move to the open network of Stellar, a well-known blockchain for lower transaction costs.

Another key feature of MUSHE, which coincides with the reason for choosing Stellar Network, is to provide its users with interoperability using a very intuitive UX design, thus paving the way for a massive scale-up. blockchain Adoption.


However, the current situation in traditional markets and crypto is undoubtedly going through a difficult period. When the crypto market began to crash earlier this month, many predicted it to be the end of the industry, but as we can see, this is far from being true. Sure, some projects like Terra failed spectacularly, but even in the face of extreme inflation, fundamental projects like Mush would prevail against all odds.


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First published:June 20, 2022, 4:44 pm

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