‘Can I take you back to Russia?’: Ukrainian man mocks Russian soldiers. Watch

new Delhi: Amidst Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine, there have been reports that several Russian military tanks are running out of fuel, food and are stranded on highways. Now a video of a Ukrainian man sending an enemy tank back to Russia is going viral on social media. The video was posted on Twitter by ‘livuamap’ on Saturday.

In the viral video, the Ukrainian man can be seen asking soldiers if the tank was broken. To which the Russian soldiers respond by saying that they are “waiting for diesel. The driver jokes: “I can take you back to Russia!” which is followed by laughter.

Notably, Putin on Monday recognized separate regions of Ukraine – Donetsk and Luhansk – as independent entities. Later, he ordered special military operations to “protect” the people in the Donbass region.

Several countries, including the UK, US, Canada and the European Union, have condemned Russia’s military operations and imposed sanctions on Moscow.

First published:February 27, 2022, 11:39 am

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