Can iPhone users use 5G in their phones? activate now!


New Delhi: iPhone users in India are waiting to get 5G service from Jio and Airtel. Reliance Jio and Airtel launched their 5G services in select cities a few weeks back.

Most 5G-enabled smartphones have received an update from their manufacturers to make 5G services run smoothly, except for iPhones. Apple finally joined the bandwagon and rolled out the iOS 16.2 update to beta users.

iOS 16.2 beta is being released for iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation). So beta users with these iPhone models in India will be able to use 5G in their phones. It should be noted that the update is rolling out gradually for eligible customers of the iOS 16 beta software program. So it may take some time for some users to get the update.

Now, if you have one of the eligible iPhone models and are part of the eligible iOS 16 beta software program, here’s how to use 5G on your iPhone. Step by step guide.

How to Activate 5G on Your iPhone?

  • If you are already part of the beta program, first check for the availability of the latest beta software update.
  • Click on Software Update to check for available updates
  • If an update is available, click the Download button to install it.
  • Before installing any beta version on iOS, it is recommended to back up all data and files to help users avoid losing personal information. It should also be noted that beta updates come with bugs, so it is better not to install iOS updates on your primary device. And if you want to do it, it should be at your own risk. To be part of the Beat Program:
  • On your iPhone, go to,
  • Download and install the configuration profile.
  • Go to Settings and activate Profile. Tap on General > VPN & Device Management > iOS 16 Beta.
  • The beta version will now be available in the Settings app under General > Software Update.
  • Once you are part of the iOS 16 beta software program, you can connect to a 5G network if it is available in your area. Checking and connecting to 5G networks
  • Go to Settings > Mobile data > Mobile data options > Voice & data and select 5G.
  • Once you enable this setting, you will be able to use 5G on your iPhone.

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