Car sunroofs: advantages/disadvantages and how to take care of them


New Delhi: The lack of a sunroof in a car depends more on the geographical location of where you live. Do you live in a place where the sunlight falls off less? Or a place where the weather is pleasant most of the time. Or a place where the path is not both, but is very dangerous. Let us break down the pros and cons of a car with a sunroof so that you can make a better choice before buying a car.

Car Sunroof Advantage

  • The first advantage of a car with a sunroof is that you get adequate lighting compared to the rest of the car, giving the feeling of having more interior space.
  • The tinted glass and sun blinds installed in the sunroof prevent the car from overheating from the sun’s rays.
  • In a car with a sunroof, you can get fresh air immediately without making a lot of noise, and the car’s engine is not affected.

Car Sunroof Disadvantage

  • If you have a car with a sunroof and something breaks or tears when you hit it, it can make your bag a lot looser.
  • There is a lack of space in the interior of a car with a sunroof. So that the body size of the person sitting in the car is correct. So it’s not a comfortable position for him and he has to sit by adjusting.
  • If you forget to turn off your car’s sunroof, your car can get wet in the rain, dusty in the summer, or dewy in the winter.
  • According to the car crash test results, the roof of the car lacks strength due to the sunroof. Which may be more harmful to you at the time of an accident.
  • Considering the weather in India, the sunroof is practically not so successful. The season to enjoy a sunroof is very short in India. There is strong sunshine almost all year round.

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