Chandigarh University two-day holiday citing “unavoidable reasons”


Chandigarh: In a recent development in the Chandigarh University video leak case, the university has declared a holiday on September 19 and September 20 “due to some unavoidable reasons”.

The female student accused in the Chandigarh University video leak case shared only her own videos with a friend and said there was no suicide attempt or death, Punjab police said on Sunday.

After the big controversy surrounding the video leak, Mohali SSP Vivek Soni told a press conference that only one video of the accused himself had been found. There were no suicide attempts or deaths, he confirmed.

“It is a video that was shot by a female student and has been circulated. An FIR was registered in the case and the accused was arrested. No deaths related to the incident have been reported. As per the medical records, no (suicide attempt) has been reported,” said SSP Mohali Vivek Soni.

“So far during the investigation, we have found that there is only one video of the accused himself. He did not record any other videos. Electronic devices and mobile phones have been seized and are being sent for forensic examination,” Mohali SP said.

The girl reportedly made 60 such videos, but the police said they found only one video of the accused himself and he also admitted that he made only one video.

The warden catches the girl

The girl who made the video was caught by the supervisor and the other students. In the video, the warden can be heard saying that she has been doing this crime for quite some time. See what happened here:

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