Children missing from schools in Tirupati cause panic in the city


Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh): The FIR was filed after five students including three girls studying at Annamayya English Medium School in Tirupati have gone missing since Wednesday morning.

Tirupati Police filed the FIR on the basis of a complaint filed by the school and parents.

Police said three girls and two boys, Junshri, Mohtas, Manshri, and Abdul Rahman – all in 10th grade, and Atef Hussain at 9th grade – were last seen at the school on Wednesday morning at 8.00 am.

The school administration authorities said that the fourth grade 10 students wrote the monthly test that is taken at the school in the morning session before breakfast.

Fourth grade 10 students attended the exam and left the school around 8 am and said they were going home for breakfast, the school management also informed the police in a complaint.

The complaint added that it later emerged that the students did not come to school again.

But the school administration could not confirm the order of the ninth grader, Atef Hussein, and said that he did not come to the school either.

The matter arose when the students did not return to school after breakfast, and their parents were contacted by the school administration.

The school was open, but these five students did not attend classes. The four 10th graders had attended the monthly test and left for breakfast. Madhan Mohan, the school principal, said when we called their parents and asked them about the students, the parents replied that the students had come to the school, but we did not find them at the school.

Subsequently, the school administration and parents contacted the police and filed a complaint. We have received a complaint from the school administration and parents about the five missing students. We are checking the facts and the CCTV cameras installed in the school premises are checked,” the police said.

They added: “We have launched an investigation and will track down the missing students soon.”

(with input from ANI)

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