Children will have to be more cautious at this time, do not ignore even mild changes in diet and activities

In India, 35% of the population is below 18 years of age. According to the data, last year 11% of the children had been killed by the deadly Covid, but this time the number has increased due to the introduction of new strains. So children also need special care in this way.


The corona virus infection is rapidly spreading to the elderly and adults, and now children are also vulnerable. In such a situation, parents have to take special care of the health and activities of the child. According to Health Experts, in the second wave of Covid, we also need special care of children because all the vaccines have come for the elders but no vaccine has come in any country for the innocent. So if the child looks dull, then immediately check his temperature. Contact a doctor if you have a fever.

Symptoms of Covid can occur

If the health of the child worsens at this time, do not be negligent in it. These days the symptoms of Covid are mild fever with cold and cold, vomiting and diarrhea in some children, mild cough. If the child has this type of problem, contact the doctor.

-When the child is ill, drink plenty of water during this time. Along with this, feed your child with protein-rich food.

-Feed the baby white egg or lentils and soybeans.

-Young children must definitely drink lentil water ( dal ka pani ).

Take care of the child’s diet

-If the child is feeling sluggish, is not eating, the baby’s ribs are running or the child is having an attack, in this case contact the Covid Center or seek medical advice immediately.

-Paracetamol syrup should be given to a child in case of fever, cough, because the normal dose cannot be given in children, they are given medicine according to their weight.

-If the child is given treatment for the right medicine, then he becomes healthy in five or six days.

Keep away from outside food

-Keep children indoors these days to protect them from corona infection.

-Let them play at home.

-Members of the house who go out these days, keep a distance from the children.

-At home, first of all clean yourself.

-Include the habit of cleanliness in children too. Ask them to wash their hands periodically.

-Take care of their food these days. Keep them away from outside food.

Effective solution

-Get children to do breathing exercises. Their oxygen level will be strong.

-Give lukewarm water to drink, which reduces the risk of infection.

-Offer turmeric milk before sleeping at night. This helps in fighting infection.

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