China blasts the US for imposing a limit on chip exports, saying it violates the rules


New Delhi: China on Saturday condemned the latest move by the United States to tighten export restrictions that would hamper China’s ability to buy and produce advanced computing chips, accusing the United States of violating international trade and economic norms and isolating itself in the process.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, the US is deliberately blocking and stifling Chinese companies because it wants to maintain its technological primacy.

According to him, it harms the legal rights and interests of not only Chinese but also American companies.

Mao said that US politicization of science, technology, economic and trade issues would not stop China’s development.

He spoke after the U.S. updated export controls on Friday that included new licensing requirements for products that would be used in supercomputers or semiconductor development in China, as well as increased manufacturing of some advanced, high-performance computing chips and semiconductors. equipment on the list.

The US said the increase in export restrictions was part of ongoing efforts to safeguard its national security and foreign policy objectives.

In recent years, tensions between the United States and China have increased over security and technology issues. While China has set aside billions in investment in semiconductor production, the United States has put in place several steps and restrictions to prevent China from gaining chip technology.

The tensions affect global and American semiconductor companies that either export chips or produce chips in China. Share prices of semiconductor companies such as Nvidia and AMD have fallen 40% in the past 12 months.

To help level the playing field and reduce unintended harm to American innovation, we urge the U.S. government to implement the rules in a targeted manner and in cooperation with international partners, according to a statement from the Semiconductor Industry Association, which represents the U.S. semiconductor industry. . We understand the goal of ensuring national security.

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