China facing economic crisis as power crisis paralyzes sugar industry


A severe power outage in China has plunged millions of Chinese homes into darkness. Industrial activity is facing severe disruption, with the Chinese economy facing a crisis of enormous proportions.

Beijing: The power crisis in China has deepened. In many provinces, people are not only having to spend the night in the dark, but the shortage has increased to such an extent that the shutdown of economic activity is likely to have a huge impact on the Chinese economy.

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Disruptions in the global supply chain can have an impact on other countries as well. Ahead of Christmas, buyers across the world are facing a potential shortage of smartphones. The Chinese government has set an upper limit on electricity consumption, forcing companies to shut down their power plants.

Due to this power crisis, many houses in China have been darkened.

There is a severe power shortage in many provinces of northern China. There is an atmosphere of chaos on the roads due to the closure of traffic lights. Guandong is an industrial center. Here people are advised to use natural light in their homes and reduce the use of AC. The factories here are already facing power cuts.

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According to state TV channel CCTV, 23 people have been hospitalized after being exposed to ventilation after a power outage at a metal casting factory in the northern city of Liaoyang.

According to news agency IANS, due to the power crisis, many suppliers of car company Tesla and technology company Apple have announced to stop production. However, Apple’s supplier Unimicran has said it will try to ramp up production at other plants to meet demand. Another factory worker said production had been stopped on Sunday afternoon. But the production is expected to start by Thursday, still doubts remain.

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The difficulties faced by domestic consumers also show how fast the electricity crisis is growing in China, as large industrial consumers are usually asked to reduce consumption first when there is a supply crunch.

First published:September 28, 2021, 11:43 am

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