China warns ‘US will bear responsibility’


New Delhi: Global politics has soured over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming trip to Taiwan, with China, which asserts its sovereignty over the island, and issues warnings against any such travel. However, the White House warned China not to overreact and sent four warships on “regular” deployments to the east of the island. Pelosi has yet to officially announce that Taiwan will be included in her current Asian tour. However, Taiwanese and American media have claimed that it will happen.

According to a statement from the ministry, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday that US lawmakers who are “playing with fire” on the Taiwan issue “will not come to a good end.” No name given to a specific American politician. China has expressed its opposition to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

In order to track US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she travels to Taiwan, netizens are currently following a US Air Force flight that took off from Kuala Lumpur.

With tensions rising between Beijing and Washington, China on Tuesday issued a warning that the United States would “pay a price” if US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan.

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