Clear majority for Congress in Karnataka, JDS uprooted


News24 – Today’s Chanakya Analysis: According to the most accurate, reliable and unbiased analysis in the country, News 24-Today Chanakya State Analysis predicts a big win for Congress in Karnataka. In Karnataka, the majority is 113. The Congress is expected to win 120 of the 224 seats here. It can have more or less seats 11. While BJP can get 92 (±11) and JDS 12 (±7) seats. While the vote share is 42% (±3%) for Congress, 39% (±3%) for BJP, 13% (±3%) for JDS and 6% (±3%) for others.

According to an analysis by News24-Today’s Chanakya, 68% of the votes from the Lingayat community went to the BJP, 19% to the Congress and 7% to the JDS. Similarly, the JDS is projected to get the largest share of votes from the Vokkaliga community, while the Congress is projected to get about 75 percent of the votes from the Muslim community.

For the last 16 years, News 24-Today’s Chanakya duo has predicted the results of every major election, one after the other, which were stamped after the opening of the EVMs. That’s why they say election in India means News24.

Accurate forecast in Gujarat and Himachal

Predictions by News24 and Today’s Chanakya proved to be completely accurate in the Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections held in December last year. For the past 16 years, the News24-Today Chanakya duo has predicted the results of every major election in succession, which were stamped after the opening of the EVMs.

People with an iota of interest in electoral politics always trust Today’s Chanakya exit poll predictions and News 24’s accurate analysis before elections. News 24-Today’s Chanakya exit poll is eagerly awaited in political circles. That’s why in India they say election means News 24. Because what News 24 said… this is what happened after opening the EVMs.

Voting for all 224 seats of Karnataka in one phase

Polling for all 224 assembly seats in Karnataka was held today in one phase. According to the data of the election commission, the voting was peaceful in the state. There is a BJP government in the state. The main contest in the state is between the BJP and the Congress.

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