Cloudburst in Pithoragarh: Destruction in Uttarakhand, Nepal


Cloudburst in Pithoragarh: The monsoon is bringing heavy rains even as its 2022 season comes to an end. It’s raining a lot in the mountains. This has created problems. On Friday night too, heavy rain in the mountains disturbed people. This has wreaked havoc on the Indo-Nepal border.

Heavy rains in Pithoragarh late night have caused major devastation on the India-Nepal border. There is a great loss in Nepal. A lake formed on the river Kali has been formed from the debris. Khotila’s Premnagar of Dharchula has been submerged by the lake formed in the river Kali. Missing persons reports.

Cloud burst near Lasku, Nepal

It rained on the Indo-Nepal border on Friday night. At around one o’clock in the night, the Lasku drain took a formidable shape due to cloudburst near Lasku in Nepal. The flow of the Kali River was affected by the debris that reached the drain.

Lake about two km long on the Kali river

More than 50 houses in Vyasnagar situated on the bank of Khotila River were submerged due to the formation of a lake about two kilometers long in Kali River near Khotila Vyasnagar. The villagers were alert because of the weather, among the villagers of Vyasnagar, Malla started running towards Khotila. A woman, who was believed to be missing, went to the roof of the house to save her life.

SDRF, police dedicated to relief work

The Gaushala in Dharchula township on the banks of river Kali collapsed and five cows were washed away. The embankments were washed away. The Khotila bridge was washed away. As soon as information is received, disaster management, revenue team, SDRF, police are engaged in relief work. Relief supplies are being airlifted to Khotila by helicopter. Those affected are being moved to safer places.

On the other hand, there has been great devastation in Nepal. More than a dozen houses have been razed. Some people are reported as missing. Eight to ten vehicles were swept away with the debris.

Rain disrupts life in Champawat

The plains of Champawat district also received heavy rains on Friday night. The rain continued until Saturday morning. Due to the rain in Banbasa, the water level of the Sharda and Hoodi rivers has risen. Water dumping has occurred in many market places and rural areas.

In Tanakpur it also rained for a while from 5 am onwards. The hilly areas also saw a partial shower with thundershowers this morning. Now the sky is overcast and the sun is shining. According to the information received from the disaster control room, the Champawat-Tanakpur National Highway remains free for traffic. Vehicles also travel on rural roads.

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