Confused about Google Local Bedlam Update Theory? Read it!


Google has been changing its algorithm just to provide the best user experience. People have seen a massive change in the Google algorithm in recent years. Now one more update has come and it is a little different from the previous one. It is a new theory about Google Local update. It is released earlier this month. It is also called a Bedlam update.


This theory is that position one in the local pack is stable most of the time but positions 2 and 3 are shuffled out. The bedlam update is given by Jason Parks and Swapasauraus GMB theory is the name given it to this theory by him. He said, “The Company that’s ranking #1 in Google’s map rankings hasn’t experienced nearly as much volatility as positions 2 and 3.” He said, “Positions 2 and 3 are experiencing the real bedlam.”


With this new update, there is huge confusion among the people. Some people are able to see the changes but others are not able to observe them. Mainly local SEO community is stressing out from these changes. There are so many people who are reporting the massive down in the rank of their site. Also, some are not seeing any change in their websites.


Most of the people not agreeing with Jason Park’s theory and the prime reason for their objection is that they are not seeing any changes. In addition, the example which is given by the Johan parts is not seemed matched to so many people what he has told in his theory. Let’s see what major changes this algorithm would come to the SEO community and how they would tackle it. It would be interesting to see this. Still, there is so much confusion about this theory among the people.


May be people see the impact of this algorithm in the future! One thing is very clear that matching the pace of Google updates has been becoming very difficult for the digital marketer. They need to be updated with each and every Google changes that’s when they would be able to get a high rank in the search engine result page. Hope this article would make it clear to the people about what is the new update and how people are reacting or giving a response on this update. So, be updated and make every possible change to be in the top position in the SERP.

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