Congress doing ‘black magic’ in desperation, says PM Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress party, saying that no matter how much black magic the Congress uses, it will not affect the public. There are still people in the nation who feel hopeless and trapped in a negative vortex. He spreads lies about the government. However, the public does not trust these persons even after this. These people are now turning to black magic because they are so desperate.

On August 5, the Congress organized a national demonstration in black clothes against unemployment, corruption and inflation. Prime Minister Modi mocked the situation on Wednesday, saying, “On August 5, we witnessed how they tried to spread black magic. Congressmen believe that by dressing in all black, their dejection will disappear. But what they don’t know is that no matter how much they practice black magic or cling to superstition, people would never trust them again.

On 5 August, the Congress held demonstrations against inflation and unemployment across the country, including Delhi. The participants of the congress demonstration were dressed entirely in black. Reacting to this, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, a BJP politician and former union minister, said that it is not at all surprising that dark exploiters like to dress in black.

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