Congress organizes ‘Mehengai Par Halla Bol’ rally against inflation


New Delhi: Congress organized a movement on 5 August 2022 against the anti-people policies of the Modi government. It completely reflected the feelings of the general public. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s desperate attempt to brand the nationwide legitimate protest as “black magic” reveals the sense of insecurity caused by skyrocketing prices and the BJP government’s utter failure to control unemployment.

Congress is taking the fight forward

The Congress party will take this fight forward in the coming weeks with a series of protests against rising prices and unemployment. Congress party will organize “Mehengai Choupal” event from 17th to 23rd. August 2022 at Mandis, retail and other places from all constituencies for mutual consultations.

Organizes several demonstrations

This will culminate in a “Mehengai Par Halla Bol” rally at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on August 28, 2022, where senior Congress leaders will address. All the State Congress Committees will simultaneously organize the program “Mehengai Par Halla Bol – Dilli Chalo” at State, District and Block level.

Necessary goods have become too expensive

The people of India bear the brunt of the Modi government’s economic mismanagement. Inflation accelerates due to high taxation on essential items like curd, buttermilk and packaged food grains.

At the same time, the transfer of public assets to friendly capitalists and the introduction of the vast Agneepath system worsens the employment situation. The Indian National Congress continues to spread awareness among the people about these anti-people policies and increase pressure on the BJP government to change its wrong policies.

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