How to convert a website into a mobile application?


How to convert a website to a mobile application?

In today fast paced world, everyone is online through their phones. People are making use of mobile apps for entertainment, playing games, shopping and doing many other daily activities. Majority of people are present online through different apps. Many organizations and businesses have understood the importance of converting website to mobile app free. Compared to desktop websites, mobile applications are more engaging and user-friendly. Likewise other blogs in the series of wizbloggers, here you will know the answer to your question. Nowadays, people are now looking for ways of converting the website into a mobile app. Here a question arises-


How to convert a website into a mobile application?


Before knowing the methods of conversion of the website into a mobile app, let’s understand why this conversion is highly demanded:


  1. Mobile apps are a great way of attracting potential customers to the business. It also increases the sales of the business.
  2. Majority of the people spends their time on smartphones than desktop. Because of this reason, business owners are now looking for converting the website into a mobile app.
  3. The mobile application is also considered good for the customer’s engagement.

Apart from this, there are a number of reasons why people prefer conversion of the website into a mobile app.



Steps to convert a website to mobile app free


Because of user-friendly experience, mobile apps are in great popularity over the websites. These applications are frequently downloaded every day for different applications. For converting the website onto a mobile app, there is the availability of different options that you are needed to choose.


  1. The first one is transferring the website functionality to a mobile app.
  2. Secondly, developing a mobile app with all the required features and improve them.
  3. Thirdly, you can make a mobile app that has full specific features.


In general cases, businesses and organizations prefer to develop an application with all the required features & functionalities. There are two ways in which you can convert the website. The first one is choosing converters and the second one is to hire professional mobile app developers.

Converters: If you want to a website conversion for Android then these converters are the best. But, these converters are not ideal for iOS.

Hiring a professional mobile app developer: You can find the best app developer for converting the website into a mobile app. They give their best in developing engaging and well-featured mobile applications.

Firstly, let’s understand the converters and what the important converters available in the market are:


  •  Build Fire: Another converter that has the ability to convert a website into a mobile app is Build a fire. This converter is considered the best way for quick creation and launch of the app. It has a number of features that enable you to add the mobile app just through a drag-and-drop method. This app software also allows you to make a user group in the app for building a strong social networking experience between you and the app users.


  • MobiLoud: is one of the best solutions for that is ideal for WordPress websites. This converter comes with multiple special features. The feature is that the mobile application will get automatically updated if the WordPress website is updated. Apart from converting the site into a mobile app, you can also target the conversion news and blogs into mobile apps. There are a number of benefits related to converters such as customizing the logo, building Android or iOS-specific apps and regular mobile maintenance & updating.


  •  Web2App: This is also an important converter that is used for developing a high performing native app out of the website. It has the capability of social media sharing.


  • DWNLD: This is mainly a publishing platform that has been specially developed for iOS. It also comes with a number of attractive features such as the ability to send push notification and generating revenues through app purchases.

But, there are some problems that can occur while using a converter tool.


These problems include:


  1. These converters are having only a limited range of attributes and features.
  2. There are some converters that can only work with websites that are created on HTML, CSS, and JS. Also, there are some cases where you can develop a mobile app right from the beginning. This will demand you additional cost and time.
  3. With these converters, it is sometimes impossible to convert the website into an Android or iOS app which is having a high-performance user interface.
  4. Sometimes, it is also tough to scale up improvement in the mobile app that is created from these converters. You need to contact a professional if you want to transform the mobile app into a high-grade app.
  5. While using converters, it has been seen that converters don’t support working with specific features.



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