Corona Warriors helped society put their lives on the line: Kejriwal


New Delhi: Aam Adami Party (AAP) Supremo Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday unveiled the Corona Warriors Memorial and the renovated ‘Phansi Ghar’, a British gallows hall, at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha premises.

Meanwhile, the CM also honored the families of the martyred Corona Warriors. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “Corona Warriors helped society by putting their lives on the line, the memorial has been built in memory of 31 such Corona Warriors who achieved martyrdom.”

“People who come to the assembly remember and salute the sacrifices of the corona warriors who lost their lives while serving society. Delhi is the only state in the entire country and the world where a Samman Rashi of one crore rupees is given to families of Corona Warriors after martyrdom, he added.

The CM also mentioned about unveiling the renovated Phansi Ghar. He said, “No one knew that our Vidhan Sabha premises had a log house built during the British era. The 75th Independence Day is an occasion to remember those people who sacrificed their lives to get us freedom. It is our duty to come together to build an India where we can fulfill the dreams of our freedom fighters.”

Meanwhile, Delhi Legislative Assembly Speaker Shri Ram Niwas Goel, who organized the unveiling ceremony, announced that henceforth we will gather at the Vidhan Sabha premises every year on August 9 to pay tribute to the Corona Warriors martyred during the pandemic. .

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, “We faced the challenge of Corona for two long years and saw the Corona Warriors fighting and protecting the society by sacrificing their own lives.”

In addition to senior government officials, Deputy Speaker Rakhi Birla was also present at the event.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “For the last 2.5 years, the world has been fighting hard against the COVID-19 pandemic. This is probably the most devastating disease in the history of mankind. Millions of people lost their lives, but there were many brave hearts who saved many lives and did not care from behind.

Some of the people worked in hospitals and some were civil defense volunteers. People from all departments made a valuable contribution in the hour of need. It was a really tough time. They lost their lives saving others and we have built a monument in their memory. I would like to thank the speaker Shri Ram Niwas Goel for coming up with this idea and making it happen.

He added, “Delhi government has already given Rs 1 crore as Samman Rashi to the bereaved families of these brave hearts. It has happened only in Delhi that families of corona warriors who lost their lives got Rs 1 crore as Samman Rashi. Delhi is the only city in the whole world which has remembered corona warriors and provided for their families in this way.

“I am quite happy that we have built a memorial and those who visit the legislative assembly will see the memorial. They will remember the supreme sacrifice of the Corona warriors to save the lives of Delhiites,” he said.

CM Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “We have also inaugurated today the Phansi Ghar which is of the British period. No one knew that there was a gallows hall here. This legislative assembly is very old and its structure is from the British period. It was just word of mouth that in its premises is Phansi Ghar, but no one actually saw it. They could not gather the courage to break the lock and enter.”

“Speaker Shri Ram Niwas Goel took this trouble and saw that Phansi Ghar has a structure for hanging two people at the same time. The sight is scary at first. We can only imagine the manner in which our freedom fighters were hanged there and it sends chills down our spines with fear. It made us think that we are breathing free air which was due to the sacrifices of countless freedom fighters. There is only one Phansi Ghar here and we don’t know the total number of such Phansi Ghars in the country,” he added.

He further said, “The 75th anniversary of independence is also an occasion to remember those brave hearts who sacrificed their lives to live in an independent India. I request everyone there to visit Phansi Ghar and tell your friends and family about it so that they can come here to remember the freedom fighters who lost their lives. It is our duty to fulfill the dream of all those freedom fighters who made the supreme sacrifices. We must work together to create the India of their dreams.

Spokesperson Ram Niwas Goel said, “There was no one in Delhi whose friends or family members were not infected with COVID-19. Some families lost two-three members. Corona warriors played an important role in saving our lives during the pandemic. There are no words to even thank them for their contribution .They did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in the fight against COVID-19.

He continued, “We have added another milestone by inaugurating Phansi Ghar. During our freedom struggle, prisoners in Red Fort were brought here and hanged. This room was closed for decades. No one knew of its existence, it was just folklore until now. We have restored Phansi Ghar and every visitor knows , that they should bring their friends and family here and show them this place. Every corner of the premises of this Legislative Assembly is dedicated to our warriors so that future generations can draw inspiration from them.”

On this occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, “Every era has its own challenges and some people fight them without caring about their own lives to protect others. The nation will always remember their sacrifices.”

He said, “During the freedom struggle, India faced the challenge of British occupation and our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to bring freedom to the country. For the past two years, there has been the challenge of COVID, which our doctors and medical staff bravely fought and protected people across the country. They are our COVID warriors. Our doctors and medical staff did their duty by continuously working with COVID patients without fear and working to keep all their countrymen safe. We all applaud their bravery.”

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