Is Cryopreservation technoogy a hope to revive dead people?


Death is the ultimate truth of life, but we humans in the 21st century are on the verge of technology where this ultimate truth can be proved a myth. Yes, we are talking about reviving the dead. Is there any ray of hope to revive dead people? The answer is no, but there’s a hope. At present, there are two major USA companies working on Cryptopreservation technology to store the dead body of humans with a hope to revive them in future. People from the world have mixed reactions on it. The one who is optimistic and is firm believer of science appreciates this effort and believes the possibility to revive human in near future can be possible. Yet! There are many who blame these companies as fraud with a belief that reviving a dead is impossible. 

What you say!

Well! Before claiming anything right or wrong, we need to have a firm knowledge about it. To know crypopreservation in details, you can get this BBC link “cryopreservation” the most useful than nothing.

Is science of Cryogenics False and misleading?

Science tells us that a map of connections is insufficient to simulate, let alone replicate, a nervous system, and that achieving immortality in silico faces enormous challenges. To begin, what information is needed to replicate a human mind? Second, do current or anticipated freezing methods preserve the necessary data, and how will this data be recovered? Third, and most perplexing to us, would a simulation truly be “you”? You can read full article here

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