CWG2022 Lawn Bowls: Indian Men Win Silver


Birmingham: After the Indian women, the Indian men’s team of four has made history by winning the silver CWG2022 Lawn Bowls.

In the men’s Quad gold medal match, the Indian team lost to Northern Ireland and had to settle for silver.

However, the Indian team has created history with the medal as they won the first ever medal in the men’s category.

Who are the members of the silver winning team?

The team of four has won the silver which included Sunil Bahadur as leader, Navneet Singh as second, Chandan Kumar Singh as third and Dinesh Kumar skippered.

Has India won any other medals in Lawn Bowls?

Earlier in the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022, 4 Indians had finished their game at the top of the table and won the gold medal.

What are the rules of Lawn Bowls?

This is one of the oldest sports at the Commonwealth Games and has featured in every edition since the inaugural edition in 1930. The game has complex rules that allow for an exciting competition and viewing experience.

The team that manages to place their bowl closer to the goal wins the points at the end. The points awarded are determined by how many bowls the team has managed to place closer to their opponent.

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