DA additional payment in 3 installments


7. Wage Commission: After boosting love allowance ahead of Diwali, central government officials are hoping for more good news. They are now waiting to hear about the gear factor increase and HRA increase.

Meanwhile, preliminary indications are that central government employees will soon receive their DA arrears, which are 18 months old. Government officials have been demanding DA refunds for some time.

According to several reports, the 18-month DA arrears would be paid to government employees in three installments. Specifically, government employees have not received their 18-month DA arrears from January 2020 to June 2021 due to the COVID pandemic.

For the past two years, the cabinet has focused on the issue of DA backlogs. According to media reports, DA arrears for Level 3 staff are expected to be between Rs. 11,880 and Rs. 37,554, while those for level 13 or 14 staff are expected to be between Rs. 1,44,200 and Rs. 2,18,200. If negotiations with the administration are successful, the DA arrears of government employees will also change.

4% increase in love allowance

The center increased the love allowance for central government employees by 4% in September. The DA was increased from 34% to 38%. Before January 20, 2022, the love allowance for government employees was 31%; it was then increased to 34%.

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