Delhi-Agra National Highway to become India’s first hi-tech corridor. Know about it


The Delhi-Agra Highway, starting from Old Mathura Road, is set to become India’s first National Highway Corridor, with signs on the screen about overspeeding etc.

New Delhi: The Delhi-Agra National Highway is going to become a smart and hi-tech corridor very soon and now drivers must be careful as the chances of getting challenged by their speed are going to increase tremendously. Delhi-Agra Highway starting from Old Mathura Road is set to become India’s first National Highway Corridor to be screened. All these screens will warn the driver if the speed is exceeded. In fact, these are Vehicle Actuated Speed ​​Displays – VASDs – which will be installed at different places on this highway and will give live information about the speed of the vehicle.

This step taken by the National Highways Authority of India is to introduce a modern traffic management system on any national highway that aims to keep the traffic smooth and safe. The authority has also issued a tender for this and this work will be completed through the initial 4.4 km long 6-lane Badarpur elevated highway till Agra. The e-challan will be generated through ATMS software, it will be linked to the vehicle database, FASTag and NIC, through which all the details of the vehicle will be revealed. This information will be given to the traffic management system so that further action can be taken.

This 180 km stretch will have 285 cameras that will be used to monitor accident prone areas, junctions, large mid-openings, structures, urban areas and large rural areas.

After this, Video Incident Detection System will be installed at 60 places, under which information about abnormal conditions, accidents, stalled vehicles, driving in the opposite direction, poor visibility and vehicle information will be available. This system will be installed in black spots, accident prone areas and other critical areas which will be selected by the enforcement agencies.

First published:October 22, 2021, 6:06 pm

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