Deliberate sanctions bring disasters to the world: Xi Jinping at BRICS Business Forum

Beijing: In an apparent reference to Western sanctions on Russia, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday described sanctions as a double-edged sword and said the act of deliberately imposing punishment would bring disaster to people around the world.

Xi made the remarks while delivering the keynote address in virtual format at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum, Xinhua news agency reported. The Chinese president said that those who politicize, exploit and weaponize the global economy and deliberately impose sanctions by taking advantage of dominance in the international financial and monetary systems will ultimately harm others and themselves and the world. Will bring disasters to people all over.

During his address, Xi also called for joint efforts to seek peace and security. Xi said history has shown that hegemony, group politics and factional confrontation bring neither peace nor stability, but war and conflict.

“The Ukraine crisis has again raised alarm bells for humanity: countries will certainly end up in security difficulties if they keep blind faith in their positions of power, expand military alliances and others,” Xi said. want our security at the expense of the people,” Xi said.

Urging the international community to abandon the zero-sum game and jointly oppose hegemony and power politics, Xi called for a new type of international relations characterized by mutual respect, equality and justice, and mutually beneficial cooperation. called for the construction of

Xi Jinping will host the 14th BRICS summit in Beijing on 23 June. The summit will be held in virtual format under the theme of “Promoting high quality BRICS partnership, ushering in a new era for global development”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also participate in the virtual summit. Speaking at the BRICS Business Forum today, PM Modi underlined the role of BRICS countries amid the global focus on post COVID recovery.

“BRICS was established with the belief that this group of emerging economies can emerge as the engine of global growth. Today, as the world focuses on the recovery of COVID, the role of BRICS countries will be very important, PM Modi said in a record the lack of secrecy.

He said, “India supports innovation in every field including drones, green energy and space. By 2025, India’s digital sector value will cross USD 1 trillion.”

He emphasized that India’s success is based on technology-led growth along with innovation and startups. “Govt emphasizes on ‘Ease of Living’, infrastructure building, digital transformation and digital economy with PM Gatishakti.”

First published:22 June 2022, 7:24 pm

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