DeltaCron: WHO warns of new COVID-19 variant, predicts fourth wave

new Delhi: People have breathed a sigh of relief after the third wave of corona virus epidemic stopped in the country. But a new study by the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that a new Covid-19 variant is emerging after the omicron wave.

WHO has claimed that the new Kovid-19 variant is a combination of Delta and Omron variants. Regarding this study, the organization said that there was already apprehension about this new combination virus because both the delta and omicron variants had spread very fast.

The new COVID-19 variant is a combination of Omron and Delta

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the recombinant virus from Omicron and Delta is spreading rapidly. WHO scientist Maria Van Kerkhove tweeted that the new Kovid-19 variant, which is a combination of the omicron and delta variants of SARSCOV 2, is suspected to have spread rapidly.

“The spread of this new COVID-19 variant may be rapid. We are tracking it and discussing ways to stop it. There is strong evidence of this delta-Omicron mix. It has spread in France since January 2022. This virus has also been found in Denmark and the Netherlands,” she wrote.

However, the WHO said in a press conference that no concrete evidence has been found that the virus is fatal.

What is the report of the World Health Organization?

The WHO report states that viruses of the same genome and profile have also been found in Denmark and the Netherlands. The study said that the matter is still under investigation. This report states that there is a need to investigate whether all the viruses with the new combination originated from the same mutation, or there have been multiple cases of such recombination.

Maria van Kerkhove, who leads the WHO’s COVID-19 technical team, said this was to be expected, especially given that both these variants were spreading very rapidly. He said that the WHO is monitoring the matter and the study is going on. However, initially when people feared a combined version of Delta and Omicron variants and it was named Deltachron.

First published:March 13, 2022 at 4:37 pm

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