‘Democracy, courage, friendship’: UK PM Boris Johnson ‘surprise’ visits Kyiv, takes shot at Putin


Kyiv: During a ‘surprise’ visit to Kyiv on Saturday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the finding of civilian deaths in Ukrainian cities has “permanently tainted” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reputation.

“What Putin has done in areas like Bucha and Irpin are war crimes that have forever tarnished his and his government’s reputations,” Johnson stated as he stood next to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Following the discovery of civilian bodies in many locations from where the Russian army retreated, Johnson became the latest European leader to visit Kyiv this weekend.

Johnson commended Ukraine for “defying the odds” and fending off a Russian attack on Kyiv.

“The Russians believed Ukraine could be swallowed in days and Kyiv would fall to their troops in hours. They were completely wrong,” said Johnson.

“The courage of a lion has been displayed by the Ukrainian people. The world has found new heroes,” he continued, “and those heroes are the people of Ukraine.”

Following his meeting with Zelensky, Johnson promised Ukraine armoured vehicles and anti-ship missiles from the United Kingdom.

Zelensky urged the West to follow the United Kingdom’s lead in assisting Ukraine militarily and imposing sanctions on Russia.

After meeting with Johnson, Zelensky remarked, “Other Western democratic countries should follow the UK’s example.”

first published:April 10, 2022, 10:04 a.m.

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