Desire for sex decreases in winter, take THESE step to revamp it


New Delhi: The winter season has arrived, and with it comes the effect on sex life. In winter, couples keep the space despite sharing a bed and a room. Many couples complain that they experience dryness in the winter.

Vitamin D levels decrease in winter

It is true that the change in weather also affects the sex life of individuals. Vitamin D levels started to hurt in the winter. This results in the mood of individuals. This also happens as the night gets longer and exposure to sunlight decreases.

Research has shown that climate change can really affect our sex life. In autumn and winter, our libido decreases. People can feel the worst changes in their mood.

Human hormone levels are higher in winter

Sex and relationship psychologist Joe Hemmings talks to ‘The Sun’ about how couples can maintain their sex lives in winter. He said that interest in sex decreases in winter, but this is the season when men’s testosterone levels are high. At the same time, women are also more fertile.

During the winter months, food lowers our energy levels and makes us feel more lethargic. We spend more time with food and in front of the TV. There are a few steps you can take to prevent it from becoming a habit. Follow these steps to freshen up your life this winter.

Go on vacation in winter

Hemmings said during the winter season, you can plan to spend some time away from home with a partner. Go for a walk at the weekend. Ride a bike in the cold with your partner sitting behind you. The closer the couple is, the more likely they are to feel better in bed.

Talking openly about your feelings

Most couples get caught up in the thought that their relationship will change during the winter. Winter also has a profound effect on libido. To increase this, spend more time cuddling with your partner and let things go your way.

Research has shown that women do not open up about their sexual desire with their partners. However, there is less likely to be low sexual desire. Although it can be a difficult conversation, communication is the key to building a relationship.


There are a few other measures you can take to bring warmth to the bedroom.

  • Light a candle in the bedroom
  • Let your imagination run wild
  • Have a deep conversation with your partner
  • Take a few minutes for yourself and your partner
  • Play in bed with your partner
  • Masturbating

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