The first digital Lok Adalat is all set to repeat history with the upcoming Lok Adalat on November 12, 2022. Since its launch in July 2022, the Digital Lok Adalat, designed and developed by Indian Justice Technology (JUSTECH), has registered. 1 crore cases in the states of Rajasthan and Maharashtra (as of November 11, 2022). During the first Lok Adalat held on August 13, 2022, Jupitis provided its technical support to the State Legal Services Authorities of Rajasthan and Maharashtra with its digital Lok Adalat platform.

While the previously held Digital Lok Adalat helped states settle a record amount of Rs 833,513,857, the upcoming Digital Lok Adalat is expected to exceed the previously reported settlement amount. The success of the first organized Digital Lok Adalat has marked an important milestone in the history of the Indian judicial system. With this, NALSA has finally implemented one of its prime objectives, which is to provide a cost-effective and time-efficient dispute resolution mechanism for justice-seeking parties.

As per the data available on the upcoming Digital Lok Adalat, more than 80 lakh cases including pre-litigation and challan have been registered in the state of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The registered cases include disputes related to money recovery, electricity bill and other bill payments. , telecom disputes, and bank litigation among others.

“After the success of the first digital Lok Adalat, the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority (RSLSA) has again collaborated with Jupitis for the upcoming Lok Adalat. In August, the digitization of the Lok Adalat led to the registration of a record number of cases and back -End administrative work also became easy. We are confident that we are going to solve many cases again with the help of Digital Lok Adalat developed by Jupitis,” said Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Member Secretary, Rajasthan Member Secretary.

3rd National Lok Adalat: Salient Features

3rd National Lok Adalat, August 2022
Total number of pre-trial cases registered in Digital Lok Adalat (Rajasthan + Maharashtra) 1,354,432

Total number of pre-trial cases disposed of in Digital Lok Adalat (Rajasthan + Maharashtra) 1,116,193
Total amount settled on Digital Lok Adalat (Rajasthan + Maharashtra.) Rs 833,513,857
Challan cases registered in Maharashtra 63, 99,983
Challan cases settled in Maharashtra 58,10,712

Information regarding upcoming Lok Adalat

  1. The total number of pre-trial cases registered in Digital Lok Adalat in Rajasthan and Maharashtra is more than 80 lakhs.
  2. The cases registered include disputes related to recovery of money, electricity bill and other bill payments, telecom disputes and bank litigation.

During the first Digital Lok Adalat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra constituted a total of 568 benches, registering a total of 1,354,432 cases, out of which a total of 1,116,193 cases were resolved in the pre-litigation stage. In Maharashtra, a total of 63,99,983 traffic challan cases were registered in Digital Lok Adalat, out of which 58,10,712 traffic challan cases were resolved on the platform.

“The collaboration of Rajasthan and Maharashtra Legal Services Authority has helped Zupitis lead its ambitious project – Nyaya Ghar Ghar (Delivering Justice at the Doorstep of Every Citizen). We are confident that in the upcoming Lok Adalats, Jupitis will collaborate with more State Legal Services Authorities across India,” said Mr. Raman Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Jupitis.

Lok Adalats have a long history of being one of the most effective ways of ensuring that everyone gets justice. The digital transformation of Lok Adalat has made it more accessible, effective and ergonomic for all parties involved. The success of the first Digital Lok Adalat has also proved that digital transformation has not only increased access to justice for all but has also provided ease of justice across the country.

about jupiter

The concept of Digital Lok Adalat was designed, developed and implemented by an in-house company, Jupitis- the world’s first Justice Technology (JUSTEC) company, which has created the world’s first “next generation” justice system to revamp the global justice ecosystem. Technology Platform” designed and built. To make it accessible, affordable, cost effective, transparent, accountable, equitable and secure.

Collaborating with Nyaya Ghar Ghar, we are confident that we will collaborate with other states in the upcoming Lok Adalat.


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