Do this yoga daily to strengthen the respiratory system

Ujjayi is made up of Sanskrit words. In Hindi it means victory. By doing this yoga, concentration increases and anxiety is removed. Also, the lungs start functioning smoothly. In this yoga, it is left with a deep breath.


Since ancient times, yoga has been done to stay healthy. Its importance has increased in modern times. People all over the world are making yoga a part of their lives. Everyday people do yoga in the morning and evening. This has a favorable effect on physical and mental health. According to experts, a person can remain healthy by doing yoga. There are many means of yoga. Many of these asanas are effective in relieving respiratory problems. If you also want to strengthen the respiratory system, then do these yogasanas daily. Let’s know-

Do bhastrika pranayama

By doing bhastrika pranayama, oxygen is transmitted in the body at a rapid pace. While the level of carbon dioxide is low, it cures heart disease. By doing this yoga, all the troubles related to breath and throat are removed. For this, sit in the posture of Padmanas in a clean environment. After this, keep your neck and spine in a straight line. The body should not be bent and loosely molded. After this, take long and let the air fill in the lungs. After this, exhale quickly at once. Do this asana at least ten times at a time.

Do ujjai pranayam

It is part of Pranayama. It is two Hindi words kapal meaning frontal and bhati meaning shine. In this yoga, there is an attempt to stop the breath for a long time. Also, the breath is exhaled with the help of the stomach and lungs. This results in purification of the lungs. By doing this yoga, digestion and respiratory system are strengthened.

Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take them as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.

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