Don’t consider Omicron as common cold, hospitalisation has risen: Doctor


New Delhi: India is witnessing a huge increase in COVID-19 cases. The increase in cases is driven by the Omicron version of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, a health expert has said that it is imperative that people get themselves tested to break the chain of transmission.

“If you simply assume that you are COVID positive without testing, you will not take isolation measures as strictly as you would have done if you had a confirmed report. Therefore, It is important that you get yourself tested and then undergo strict isolation measures so that we can break the transmission chain,” Dr Arvind Kumar, Senior Surgeon, Medanta Hospital was quoted as saying by ANI.

The doctor said what Dr VK Paul had said in the weekly briefing of the Health Ministry on Wednesday. “Don’t take this virus as a common cold as hospitalizations have increased,” Dr Kumar said.

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“After analyzing the data collected in the last three weeks, three things have come to the fore. First, there has been a manifold increase in active COVID-19 cases. Second, the rate of hospitalization increased, but not at the rate that was observed. The rise in cases and the last one, the death toll has also increased manifold,” said Dr Kumar.

He said, “Amidst the increase in the cases of omicrons, people are getting a serious illness. Patients are being admitted to the ICU, they need oxygen support and there have been some cases of death also.”

However, Dr Kumar said that the current COVID wave is not as dangerous as the delta wave.

“The number of ICU admissions, oxygen requirements and deaths are not as frantic and psychologically difficult as in the second wave last year. However, as more omicron type cases are being reported from every country, we can say Omicron has replaced Delta,” he said.

Emphasizing on the need to follow precautions in the fight against coronavirus and especially the new Omicron variant of the virus, Dr Kumar said, “Vaccines are less effective against Omicron. It is important to take precautions because if the number of cases increases If so, the situation will be worst for the hospitals.”

“So far, the data clearly shows that Omicron is more contagious than Delta, but analysis shows that it is relatively milder than Delta in terms of causing severe disease. Vaccine reaction or inoculation with Omicron Failure is even greater.”

“If anyone has an impression that it is like a normal flu, we need to convince them otherwise, we are going to face serious problems because if a large number of people get the infection at the same time, then We may face the same situation as last year. It is best to be avoided,” Dr Kumar said.

First published:January 14, 2022, 5:55 am

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