Don’t use Afghanistan for terror attack: PM Modi warns Pakistan in UNGA speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday made a veiled reference to Pakistan not to use the territory of Afghanistan to promote terrorism.

The Prime Minister said that no country should be allowed to take undue advantage of the delicate situation in the Taliban-ruled country. Modi said the people of Afghanistan, especially its women, children and minorities, needed help and support and called on the world community to fulfill their duty towards them.

The PM also talked about the climate-friendly measures being taken by India to safeguard the resources for future generations. In this aspect, he said the risk of regressive thinking and extremism has increased.

He advocated science-based, rational and progressive thinking to ensure development, for which India is promoting experience-based education.

Before addressing the world leaders, PM Modi expressed his respect for those killed in the pandemic and said that the world is dealing with the worst pandemic in 100 years.

He said that the world is facing water crisis and India is working to provide clean piped water to 170 million households.

The PM said that India’s democracy is the mother of all democracies and the credit for allowing a boy who helped sell his father to address the United Nations for the fourth time goes to democracy. “Our diversity and plurality is an example of a vibrant democracy,” PM Modi continued.

PM Modi lauded the Indian health workers for their continuous efforts in the ongoing vaccination campaign. He said CoWin, a vaccine delivery platform in India, is offering digital assistance to deliver hundreds of millions of doses a day, which was a record 20 million or 20 million doses on his 71st birthday.

PM Modi said that India has developed DNA vaccine for 12-18 year olds and is in the process of developing mRNA vaccine. He said that India has also developed a nasal vaccine. PM Modi invited people from all over the world to come to India for vaccination.

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