Eight former Indian Navy officers have been arrested in Doha since August 30


New Delhi: Eight former Indian Navy officers have been detained in Doha since August 30. Among those arrested is retired commander Bonindo Tiwari. His sister Dr. Mitu Bhargava who lives in Gwalior has asked the government for help to bring her brother back.

‘My brother is illegally detained in Doha’

She told ANI, “I tweeted on October 25 and appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return my brother illegally detained in Doha, Qatar. My brother is a retired naval commanding officer and went there to provide training to the Qatari Navy through his company Dahra Global Consultancy Services” .

“A total of eight former Indian Navy officers, including my brother, are in illegal custody. They were arrested by the Qatari police during the night of August 30. No charges were brought against them. Neither the Qatari government nor the Indian government told us She has information on any charges that have been brought against them.”

Tiwari spoke to his mother two weeks ago

Tiwari had spoken to his mother two weeks ago. He is not in good health at all, he is an elderly citizen and suffers from several diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and others. She added that it had been 70 days since they were placed in solitary confinement.

Bhargava also claimed that even the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) also responded after 65 days of detention. They should try to get them as soon as possible.

Awarded Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award

“My brother always told us that he did nothing wrong. He was even awarded the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award by the Indian Government on the recommendation of the Government of Qatar.

They have not been charged. Therefore, we are concerned about them and request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return all eight former Navy officials as soon as possible, Bhargava added.

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