Eighth wage commission update: Jackpot for center employees

8 pay commission: The lottery for center staff will be held again this week. After a 4% increase in the cost allowance and the high cost exemption before Navratri, and while the government is considering increasing several allowances for central employees, the discussion of the Eighth Wage Commission is in full swing. Employee salaries will increase by more than two and a half times with the application of the eighth wage commission. More than crores of central and retired employees will benefit from this.

Once again, the debate on the Eighth Wage Commission raged in government departments, and if all goes well, the Eighth Wage Commission could be scheduled for 2024. If that happens, his salary can be significantly increased. However, the government has not yet released an official statement.

26,000 rupees is the minimum salary.

According to reports, if the employee union proposal is approved by the Eighth Wage Committee, the minimum wage for government employees will rise from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000 per month. Moreover, the setting factor will increase by up to 3.68 times.

The recommendations of the Eighth Wage Commission can be implemented in 2026.

Let us remind you that the commission for employee wages is executed only once every ten years. The implementation of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Wage Committees followed the same pattern. According to estimates, the eighth remuneration committee will be formed in 2024 and its recommendations will be implemented in 2026.

Payment commissions can be phased out?

Besides, it has been reported that the tradition will be stopped after the seventh payment commission. That is, no new payment commission will be set after the seventh day. Alternatively, the government can implement a system of automatic increments. As a result, the salaries of government employees will be increased automatically. It could be like a salary increase in a private job. If there is more than 50% DA in this, the salary will be automatically reviewed.

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