Elementary classes in schools in Delhi remain closed until November 8 due to poor air quality


New Delhi: All primary school classes will remain closed until November 8, according to a statement from the Delhi government’s Directorate of Education.

Primary classes have been canceled at Delhi Schools! Prime Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal declared on November 4, 2022 that schools for students in grades KG to 5 will be closed. Schools in Delhi will not reopen until November 8 for these students.

All outdoor and sporting events for students in grade 5 and above are suspended until further notice. As Delhi’s AQI scores cross the “Severity” threshold, the Delhi CM makes the announcement.

The GRAP 4 procedures have also been implemented by the Government of Delhi. Accordingly, the administration has now decided to close all primary schools (KG to class 5). Higher grade students would continue to attend school to take their classes.

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