Elevated road to remain closed till… Details here


Noida: The elevated road will remain closed to traffic from 11 p.m. Sunday until 5 a.m. Monday. According to the information received from the Noida Authority, about 140 electricity poles will be replaced on the entire elevated road, and some poles will be left. This guideline is issued by Noida Police and Noida Authority.

Noida Authority official Gaurav Bansal said that to make the electricity system better and more attractive, new tricolor decorative type poles are being installed on the elevated road in place of the old ones. The rest of the work will be done on Sunday evening. For this reason, traffic from sector 18 to sector 61 will have to come and go under the elevated road.

Noida Police and Noida Traffic Police have also issued guidelines in this regard. The Noida Traffic Police said people should use alternate routes during this period. According to the police, if anyone has a problem, contact 9971009001.

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