The End Of Blogging with the involvement of informative video content

The End Of Blogging with the involvement of informative video content

If you want to know about the End Of Blogging, go through this blog. This is a time when every blogger needs to take a deep breath.

In 2018, the blog was a very relevant means for digital & content marketing. It had a foreseeable future at least for SEO. People wrote about the interesting topics, trends & other things and publish them on the blogger. As long as internet available, blogging and its trend will always be popular among everyone.

But, now, people moving toward video blogging as it is quite convenient to consume. Here, the video is a great tool to give appropriate or important information to all. In the video, the blogger mainly focuses on the content of videos. On the videos, the viewers can meet the expert of the field directly. And, viewers can trust more on the educational videos compared to a blog post.

Sometimes, the reader won’t be about to build up connections with the blogger. Here, video blogging supports a blogger to make a connection with the viewers by explaining things precisely. A blogger can effectively introduce viewers about himself and his/her content for personal or business purpose.

It’s not that blog content is useless. When it comes up with video content, this leads to tremendous traffic growth. 63% of businesses give preference to the use of video content marketing. And, out of 82% of businesses find that video marketing is more effective and plays an important role to strategize things and reach audience conveniently.  

Preference of video content is in progress rapidly and it will reach new heights soon. As the newest addition to the promotion toolbox, it gives a good Return On Investment to the businesses. So, it is the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tool across the world.

Powerful reasons that move people towards video marketing are:

Boosts sales & conversions: When a person adds the video of a product on the landing page, it will lead to 80% conversions increase. Plus, it works perfectly well regardless of the category one deploy it.
Videos show great Return On Investment: 83% of the businesses says that videos offer good ROI than conventional methods. Production of a video is not one of the easiest & cheapest tasks as it pays off big time & money. So, tools of online video editing are improving day by day and becomes affordable at the same time.
Videos help to builds up viewers trust: On the videos, viewers directly interact with the experts so it becomes easier to get trust. And, trust is the first and main foundation of conversions & sales. The whole concept is based on trust whether it’s on written blog content or videos. But, videos play a vital role in building or creating a long-term relationship with the viewers by proving useful & interesting information.
Video Appeals to the more mobile users: As we all know, video & mobile go hand in hand because 90% of consumers watch videos on handsets. So, video audiences becoming bigger and bigger.
Video help to explain everything effectively: One can easily and impressively introduce people about the products and services. So, the video advertising forces more public towards the video content and increases traffic.

So, video blogging is an impressive way of building brand awareness through consistent blogging.

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