England gets around Rs 13 crores as the prize money


New Delhi: The 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia has come to an end. England won this trophy for the second time when they defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets in the final match played at Melbourne Stadium on Sunday. After winning the tournament, the England team took the trophy.

He also received a prize of $1.6 million, which is around Rs 13 lakh. On the other hand, Pakistan received 6.5 million rupees as prize money. The ICC gave some amount to every team that made it to the Super 12.

That’s how much money the Super 12 team got

This time ICC gave some money to all the teams. The ICC has announced a total prize money of Rs 45.68 crore for this World Cup. England received a prize money of around Rs 13.05 crore for the title. The Pakistan team received 6.5 million rupees.

In addition, he received Rs 32.6 crore for each Super-12 win. On the other hand, the losing semi-final team of India and New Zealand will get $400,000 or around Rs 3.25 crore.

Evicted teams before the Super-12 receive THIS amount

The eight teams eliminated from the Super-12 stage were awarded $70,000 (approximately Rs. 57.08 crore). Australia, Afghanistan, Ireland and Sri Lanka were eliminated from the first group at the Super-12 stage. At the same time, the teams of South Africa, Bangladesh, Netherlands and Zimbabwe were eliminated from the second group.

T20 WC prize money

The teams eliminated in the first round received 32 million rupees

The ICC also gave some to the teams eliminated in the first round. According to the rules, the teams eliminated from the first round received 40 thousand dollars, which is 32 million forints in Indian rupees. We reveal that the West Indies, Scotland, Namibia and the United Arab Emirates were knocked out in the first round.

2022 T20 World Cup prize distribution

Here is the list of teams and their prize money. Figures are in Indian currency.

1. England – Rs 13.84 lakhs

2. Pakistan – Rs 7.40 lakhs

3. India – Rs 4.50 lakhs

4. New Zealand – Rs 4.19 crore

5. Australia – Rs 1.53 lakh

6. South Africa – Rs 1.20 lakh

7. Bangladesh – Rs 1.20 lakh

8. Sri Lanka – Rs 1.85 lakh

9. West Indies – Rs 34.40 lakhs

10. Afghanistan – Rs 56.35 crore

11. Zimbabwe – Rs 88.50 lakhs

12. Ireland – Rs 1.53 lakh

13. United Arab Emirates – Rs 34.40 lakhs

14. Scotland – Rs 34.40 lakhs

15. Namibia – Rs 34.40 lakhs

16. The Netherlands – Rs 1.85 lakh

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